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Everything you need to know about Buyer Representation

Buyer Representation:

As a buyer, you should expect full representation. You want creative negotiation, local knowledge and expertise to present options.

Why Do you need Buyer Representation?

Unless you have a Buyer Representation Agreement in place, the agent showing you homes may be representing the seller.

A buyer's agent has agency duties to the buyer, the most important being confidentiality and loyalty.

Expert Advice... A buyer's agent is free to advise buyer on pros and cons of purchasing any given home.

A buyer's agent can educate the buyer on various issues including, property value trends, energy costs and home inspections.

Help with Negotiating...

As a buyer's agent I can use my negotiating skills and intimate knowledge of the real estate market to help you get the property on the best possible terms.

As your Buyer Representative, I Will:

•Find and show you properties that meet your specifications.

•Complete a competitive market analysis to judge fair market value.

•Negotiate in your best interest with scrupulous loyalty and confidentiality.

•Give expert advice on offers, counteroffers, contingencies, financing and more.

•Counsel and advise, not sell.

Buyer Representation is at no cost to you, the fee is paid by the seller. Regardless of who pays the commission, as a Buyer's Agent, my loyalty is to the buyer.

7 Reasons to Buy a Home:

1. Tax Deductibility of Mortgage Interest

2. Tax Deductibility of Property Taxes

3. Appreciation Potential

4. Deferred Gain and Capital Gain Treatment

5. Once in a Lifetime Exclusion

6. Principal Accumulation

7. You can Enjoy it - PRIDE

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